We have been making wines for our own consumption, and for our friends, for generations. In 2005, however, after having given away our grapes for many years to local wineries, our parents Annibale and Anna decided to create Casa di Baal. The azienda today is an ideal merger of secular tradition and young vitality formed between Annibale and Anna and their children. The name itself, Casa di Baal (the “House of Annibale”) is an homage to our father; it’s not only a symbol of attachment to our roots, but also a sign that represents strong inclination to innovation and resilience. The symbol of the azienda is an elephant that symbolizes the deeds of Hannibal, the skilful general from Carthage.

We work 30 hectares of land, 5 hectares of which are vineyards with mainly Aglianico and Fiano grapes. The remaining area is mostly filled by olive groves and fruit orchards. We live a lifestyle based on self-sufficiency, where everything we consume is produced in our farm. We embrace principles of sustainability, and organic closed-cycle farming has always been our objective. The human, animal, plant, and mineral components have synergetic roles and as such are given equal consideration in our day-to-day activities as we believe that biodiversity is fundamental to keep the soil healthy.

our story is based upon love for the land and its fruits: similar to our grandparents – and the grandparents of our grandparents – we believe in having deep respect towards the land that we cultivate


We are the keepers of a land that has a millennial tradition. The Ancient Greeks and the Romans chose our land more than 2000 years ago for the privileged location; the archaeological site of Paestum is located just few kilometres from us. The Romans called the region “Campania felix” which literally means fertile countryside. Today we try to live in such ancient land as discreet and respectful guests, trying to observe it and understand it more and more.

The farm is located in a unique position and exceptional natural context: it is 150 metres above sea level, between the Amalfi Coast on the west, and the Cilento Coast on the east, directly ahead of the dominant mountains of the Parco Picentino and the high grounds of Avellino. The influence of the sea breeze – the coastline is less than 10km away – and of the mountains behind us (Avellino) gives a unique characteristic to our wines.

it’s our aim to transfer all the character of our land into every bottle we produce


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