Every day we open the doors of our home
to those who have time to dedicate to us.

The archaeological site of Paestum is located just few kilometres from us. The farm is located in a unique position and exceptional natural context: it is 150mts above sea level, between the Amalfi Coast on the west, and the Cilento Coast on the east, directly ahead of the dominant mountains of the Parco Picentino and the high grounds of Avellino.

The Visit

The visit to the farm is a complete experience: it starts with the tour of the vineyards with an explanation of our philosophy based on biological farming and biodynamic processes, it then proceeds to the winery where the grapes are transformed into wine and the wines are bottled and stored for aging. It is also possible to have a guided tour of the olive oil mill where we explore the different stages of the extra virgin olive oil production. At the end of the tour we taste the wines and our extra virgin olive oil specially paired with some of our traditional locally-produced food. The tours are meant for individuals and groups, experts and beginners, enthusiasts and connoisseurs, students and families. The tours are in Italian and upon request in English.

We have designed two different tours and tastings that can accompany you in your journey to discover the flavours and scents of our territory.

In case of special requests, do not hesitate to contact us, tours and tastings can be customized